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Caribbean adult chat room

She was about to restart with my feet when I sat up and asked her what was wrong.

"It's nothing sir, let's get back to it." "I don't know you but I can see you're upset, what's going on?

I'm told my hands are magical but at times they can be a little rough." Katie lifted herself slightly out of the face hole in the table and said, "You won't need to worry about me, I get a sports massage every week after I ride my horse.

You can go as deep as you want." As Katie got herself back into position Jasmine wandered over to my table and asked with more than a hint of playfulness: "Do you like it rough as well sir?

Jasmine looked at me and smiled, she gave me a bear hug squashing her bosom into my bare chest.

The massage was fantastic, so slow and relaxing, I could feel myself drifting off slightly and then being re-awoken when Jasmine's skilful hands moved my body into a slightly different position, I thought we'd been there for hours but when we were asked to turn over I could see from the oversized clock on the far wall it had only been 40 minutes.

My towel was safe and secure across my groin and I'd seen Katie's when I turned over, hers was also protecting the modesty that she didn't actually possess - just as I'd expected from a spa on-site at a top hotel.

The spa marketed itself as a 'palace of peace and tranquility' and it certainly lived up to the billing when we stepped through the door; the Air Con was quiet and powerful so the place was cool, the trickle from the water feature and soothing music was designed to slow the heart rate, and the staff's hushed tones at the reception desk was definitely different to the bubbly persona of the front desk staff.

I handed over the voucher to the girl behind reception whose name tag said 'Maz'.

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Maz handed us each a towel and asked us to get undressed and lay face down on the tables.

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