Csallokoz online dating

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Csallokoz online dating

This was probably realised by the Hungarian delegates, as they originally didn’t even bring the map with themselves.However, Teleki later asked for some pages, depicting the ethnic relations in Szeged’s region, to prove the scientific background of the Hungarian point of view.It’s incredible how you can exactly see the ethnic relations of 1910.Each village and settlement has its own ethnic rates, which are visualised by the so called point method: the big circles denote 1000 people, the ten times smaller ones denote 100, but since there are also half-circles, the map presents the population of the Carpathian Basin with an accuracy of 50 people.When Segyevy decided to seek out the original map, he could only start off from an article from 1918.It took him two months to find what he was looking for.The region was part of the arising Hungarian state since the 10th century.

Other early orthographic forms of the name were Zeredahely (1270) and Zredahel (1358).

Although his find wasn’t in the news, the high-definition map is already available on Arcanum Mapire’s website.

Thanks to Zsombor Bartos-Elekes, who did the geo-reference, the map can now be browsed by anyone online.

The mother tongue relations were painted onto the enormous map (as big as a room) by the students of the University of Applied Arts, for weeks.

Only 23 issues were made of the map’s most detailed, 0,000 ratio version.

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