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Dating a traveling man

That incident made me realise that maybe I wasn’t as cut out for this open relationship idea as I first thought.But long stretches on trains and buses fosters a special sort of intimacy – us just talking for hours as we moved from place to place stands out more than any one particular spot in our journey. We’re monogamous, and while we call each other boyfriend and girlfriend, there’s still a sense of openness – we never take for granted how things are going to play out.I’d been wearing the same green dress every day by this point, for almost three weeks, and was travelling with no luggage other than a couple of pairs of knickers, toothbrush, my credit cards and an i Phone – by choice.The adventure had begun two months earlier, in June 2013, when I opened an online dating account.

I worried about sustaining the romance of our fledgling relationship without make-up and flattering outfits.

Six weeks later, we were boarding a plane to Istanbul, with no luggage or even a carry-on bag.

We had no itinerary, no hotel bookings, and no plan, other than to make our flight out of London back home to Texas, 21 days later.

There was no plan with regards to our relationship either.

We were both keen to keep things open, no labels or promises.

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As I later found out, however, in person you’d struggle to place his age.