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Dutch Birding bird names Arnoud B van den Berg 15 January 2016 This list contains all species recorded up to 15 January 2016 in Europe with Macaronesia, all countries bordering the Black or Mediterranean Sea, the Arabian Peninsula (sensu lato) and Iran.

Aangezien landsgrenzen worden gevolgd komt dit gebied wel in grote lijnen maar niet precies overeen met het door, eg, Martins & Hirschfeld in Sandgrouse (1998) gedefinieerde West-Palearctische gebied (WP), dat bijvoorbeeld wel het noorden van Mauritanië, Mali, Niger en Tschaad bevat maar niet het zuidwesten van het Arabische schiereiland.Species for which it is certain that not a single individual arrived or occurred by its own force as a wild bird are excluded.Introduced species with viable breeding populations of which all individuals or their ancestors certainly originate from captivity are listed separately at the bottom (excluding those which have gone extinct).legends for status in the Netherlands: (Sub)species recorded in the Netherlands are indicated by an open circle behind the Dutch name.1) Introduced Dutch species indicated by 1) are not officially part of the Dutch list.

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The sequence of passerines follows Sangster et al in Ibis 152: , 2010, 158: , 2016, and that of grouse and waders Sangster et al in Ibis 154: , The order in which families of non-passerines are listed (and most taxa in these families) follows Cracraft's contribution to The Howard and Moore complete checklist of the birds of the world 1: Non-passerines, fourth edition, volume 1, by Dickinson & Remsen (2013).

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