Songs about dating a taken man

Posted by / 27-Sep-2017 14:50

If it happens to make the other person feel dumb at the same time, I guess there's nothing wrong with that. What better stick it to em' song is there than this?

Last and certainly not least the classic country break up song by the king himself, George Strait.

On a side note, the guy who plays "the devil" was my professor in college. That is how I interpret this song and it's one of Keith's best.

Not to mention the music video has a lesbian couple. The last time I listened to this song - besides recently to type this article - I was at a Walmart with my family.

The song was remade by that time because of a reunion tour.

This is a total relationship collapse and that is why this song is at number one.

Not only that, but my sister also tagged me on a twitter post about her favorite Spanish music. Also, if you want to watch the music videos, all you have to do is click on the picture!

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