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She also wants to block the court from awarding him any spousal support, although the pair reportedly remain on good terms.A source said: “They’re still really close friends, and it was a very amicable divorce...Perhaps Neve's need for privacy arises from a history that includes two divorces and a high-profile romance with co-star Matthew Lillard. He's the latest guy in her life, but neither has come forward to talk about the relationship to the press.When asked about it by Britain's , Field said, "I never talk about things like that.They want Caspian to have a sibling.” The actress’s rep, however, quickly turned down the rumors, telling People that they were false.

The actress cited “irreconcilable differences” with her English actor spouse as the reason behind the separation, which she filed documents for five months ago at Los Angeles County Superior Court.

Campbell also starred as Le Ann Harvey in the Netflix drama series House of Cards (2016–2017).

and taught high school drama classes in Mississauga, Ontario.

Asked if he admires his character, as George Washington and other Patriots supposedly did, Andre said that he does admire him. The fact that he’s buried in Westminster Abbey, which is where kings and queens are buried, means he was a great hero to the British.

Eyewitnesses said that some people wept when he was hung, and Washington wrote very highly of him.

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She has stated, "I am a practising Catholic, but my lineage is Jewish, so if someone asks me if I'm Jewish, I say yes." Campbell has three brothers: Christian, Alex, and Damian. At age six, she saw a performance of The Nutcracker and decided she wanted to take ballet, enrolling at the Erinvale School of Dance.

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